Manipal Global Academy of BFSI begins Branch Manager Training Program in collaboration with Samasta Microfinance Limited.


9 October 2017, Bangalore - Manipal Global Academy of BFSI added another feather to its cap when it recently launched the Branch Manager’s Program Batch in collaboration with Samasta Microfinance Limited.


The banking sector in India has been witnessing a radical change, especially in the past couple of years. Right from demonetization to varying interest rates, recent policy modifications have brought in a sea of change in the operations of the industry thereby creating a rise in the demand for trained professionals. Well-trained banking professionals equipped with the ability to take the right decision and adapt as per the changing policies are the need of the hour.


As the industry witnesses an influx of emerging banks and a growing reliance on banking services, the demand for skilled professionals has also been skyrocketing. These professionals are not just expected to be competent, but also be aware of the ins and outs of modern branch banking. A branch manager in today’s banking sector is required to be knowledgeable about the various disciplines and elements of banking. Proper guidance and coaching is essential to prepare banking professionals for this role.


Keeping this in mind, Manipal Global Academy of BFSI partnered with Samasta Microfinance to train Branch Managers to accept new responsibilities and manage them effectively. The 6-day training program (October 9 to October 14) will train the 23 participants in gaining all-round practical and theoretical knowledge of their job role.


Throwing light on the pivotal role Branch Managers play in ensuring the smooth functioning of banks, Mr. Shivaprakash D, Director, Samasta Microfinance Limited said,” Branch Managers are the CEOs of their branches and this training program will help in bringing out this potential in them.”


The Managerial Training program encapsulates vital areas of branch management like administration, leadership, entrepreneurship, behavioural skills, and stakeholder management to support execute the bank’s chosen strategies. It will help the ambitious participants and potential future leaders emerge as capable branch managers with complete training on motivating and supervising their staff, maximizing customer relationships, and effectively managing the resources of the branch while achieving the goals of the bank.



About Samasta Microfinance Limited


Incepted in 2008, Samasta Microfinance Limited aims to make financial services easily accessible to the financially weak sections. Samasta primarily focuses on the southern and western states of India including Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Goa. The mission of Samasta Microfinance is to nurture a long-term sustainable relationship with the working poor in India and help them achieve a better standard of living and improve the quality of their life. It aims to reduce the gap between the achievement and ambition of the working poor in the country by providing them financial and non-financial services.