Digital Learning Solution for Banks and Insurance companies



The digital solutions offered by MaGE are aimed at solving problems in the BFSI sector’s retail market, by managing the last mile distributed teams. The endeavour is to offer effective solutions to address the key challenges faced by the sales and operations teams that comprise of employees, partner employees as well as a network of agents and business correspondents.




The biggest problem with growing workforce in the last mile distributed teams is the high rate of attrition and the challenges that it leads to. Here’s a brief on how these solutions work:




The mobile learning solutions help BFSI players source employees in a distributed field force scenario, connect with them to enable time and location agnostic learning, and track learning progress.



  • Easy sourcing of prospective employee and easier screening and hiring processes
  • Centralizing the workforce and bringing it under a common learning ecosystem
  • Easy administration of learning delivery for various user groups
  • Reduced overheads pertaining to F2F interview sessions
  • Easy-to-track employee learning progress and performance
  • Enable time and location agnostic learning capabilities


Manipal Global Academy of BFSI developed the HDFC Life MLearn Mobile app for improving sales effectiveness



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